Lighting and Solar Systems

EPIC utilizes a variety of manufacturers to deliver its clients’ solutions.  Those manufacturers include but, are not limited to Phillips, Osram, and Panasonic. The Company’s ultimate selection of manufacturer(s) is determined by each client’s unique requirements – cost and function.

Just as EPIC and its partners make decisions based on function and cost for its LED Lighting solutions, the Company applies unique requirements, cost, and allocation of space for creating a high customer experience for its Solar Panel Solutions. Moreover, EPIC Paradigms Group also reflects on the above criteria before selecting a manufacturer. Key Solar Panel OEMs used by EPIC include, but are not limited to: Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, and Canadian Solar.

In either case (Solar Panels and/or LED Lighting), EPIC employs industry best practices in assessing solutions that seek to lower its client(s) energy independence to a conventional service provider and operational use within the envelope of a given structure – home or office.

Lighting for Designed Spaces.

EPIC Paradigms Group offers the finest commercial and residential lighting and controls. From simple lighting installations to more advanced lighting solutions, EPIC provides design support, sales, and service for the design community, their clients, and contractors.

EPIC’s Lighting offers:

  • Commercial and residential lighting solutions
  • Product education and technical support
  • LED systems design support
  • Sustainable lighting solutions in LED, metal halide, and fluorescent

Our technical and service approach to lighting sales is organized to support your design efforts. The close relationship that we build between our clients, factories, staff delivers a totally unique approach that can serve the project from design concept through installation. EPIC will perform a survey and give a snapshot of the cost to replace your lighting, how much you will save, and the amount of time to recover your investment.

Solar Systems

With rising utility prices and a considerable decrease in the cost of buying and installing solar systems, solar

power has become a sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative for businesses and homeowners.

EPIC Paradigms Group will perform an audit to of your energy needs to determine the level of energy being used, where it is used, and when it is used.  Our team of experts will develop your unique “energy fingerprint”

We evaluate the entire energy picture to determine how much energy is used, where it’s used when it’s used, and energy costs to develop a unique “Energy Fingerprint.”

Once the Energy Fingerprint is identified, we provide a detailed analysis of specific strategies and costs that will reduce the customer’s energy fingerprint, help them become more sustainable, and save money.

  • EPIC ENERGY SAVINGS SMART THERMOSTATS: Assisting customers in choosing, and implementing a plan that results in up to 15% off of energy costs.
  • EPIC MONITORING: 24/7/365 monitoring of HVAC can keep your systems operating at 100% efficiency and the potential to save you thousands.
  • INSULATION: EPIC will perform an analysis as to the best insulation plans, the amount you will be projected to save, and the return on investment.